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At we offer towbar fitting service including towbar electrics. Completely mobile towbar fitting service covering Wexford Waterford Kilkenny Carlow and Wicklow. 

We offer a wide range of towbars and car hitches. Below you will find a guide to choosing a towbar any queries simply email us or call and we would be happy to discuss all options for all makes and models of cars.

We also offer a towbar electrical troubleshooting service should you have problems with your current towbar electrics we can fix them or simply replace them sometimes this is the most cost effective way.

What type towbar do I need?

The main two different styles of towbars are fixed and detachable, they can both be specified with a swan neck or flange style. While most makes and models can have both types some are limited to just one style.

To help you choose your towbar below is an explanation of both of them.

Flange towbar types

The most common type of towbar in Ireland is the flange towbar; frequently seen on commercial vehicles and 4x4's where the tow ball is bolted to the towbar with two bolts. This is the most versatile design of towbar because it can be used with tow ball mounted accessories i.e. cycle carriers and towbar mounted dog boxes. The flange towbar is available in both fixed and detachable.

Fixed flange towbar

Benefits of the fixed flange towbar are:

  • Price, flange towbars tend to cost considerably less than other types.
  • A pin system required to pull plant trailers and generators can be fitted.
  • Enables easy fitting of a Towbar hitch guard.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Towbar and electrics can be seen when looking at the vehicle

Detachable flange towbar

Benefits of the detachable flange towbar are:

  • Detachable flange towbars have the additional option to remove when not in use.
  • Can be removed thus improving the look of the vehicle.
  • Will not cause interference to parking sensors.
  • Capable of carrying any tow ball mount cycle carrier
  • Variety of towing couplings and accessories can be fitted

Disadvantages of purchasing a detachable flange towbar:

  • If you lose the neck at any point they are expensive to replace
  • Price, detachable towbars can be more expensive than fixed towbars and detachable swan necks Detachable flange tow ball necks are heavier than detachable swan necks
  • Detachable flange tow ball necks look less sleek when fitted.

Swan neck towbar types

By far most the common towbar fitted to vehicles in Ireland, however it has a few disadvantages over the flange type you can tow and when attaching a bike carrier.

With swan neck towbars you have the option of a detachable or fixed type.

Fixed swan neck towbar

Advantages of a fixed swan neck towbar:

  • More pleasing to look at than a flange style towbar
  • Price is likely to be less than compared to its detachable counterpart
  • Capable of carrying all types of ball mount cycle carriers including bike rack for cars.

Things to think about before purchasing a fixed swan neck towbar:

  • If you have parking sensors fitted to your vehicle theparking sensors may think that the towbar is an obstruction.
  • They protrude more than flange type towbars hence sore knees.
  • Most necks are not as adaptable as the flange style.
  • Towing and using a towbar mount cycle carrier at the same time is not possible
  • Can cost considerably more than a flange depending on vehicle make and model.

A detachable swan neck towbar has all the benefits of a swan neck towbar with the advantage of being removable when not in use. Allowing for a cleaner look on the rear of a vehicle.

Detachable swan neck towbar

Advantages of a detachable swan neck towbar:

  • The neck of the towbar can be removed leaving the vehicle looking like there is not a towbar fitted and towing capacity is the same as a fixed bar
  • If parking sensors are fitted to a vehicle the detachable towbar will not interfere once removed
  • You will not bang your legs or trip on the towbar when utilising your boot or walking around your vehicle when the neck is removed
  • Capable of carrying any tow ball mount cycle carrier
  • Compatible with AL-KO and other friction style stabilisers (once the paint is removed off the 50mm ball section)
  • Neck mechanism is secured to the vehicle hence reduces the risk of theft.

Things to think about before purchasing a detachable swan neck towbar:

  • Lost necks are expensive to replace.
  • Towbar height is not adjustable.
  • Swan neck type towbars tend to be more expensive than flange towbars

13 Pin Socket

This is the continental style electrical connection used throughout The UK and Europe.

The 13 pin socket has been used mainland Europe since 2008 for all caravans manufactured in Europe.

UK and Ireland use a 7 pin plug which is on all trailers and caravans and you need to use a adapter which will split the 13 pin electrics down to two 7 pin sockets or one 7 pin socket depending on what you are towing.

If you are planning to operate internal appliances within a touring caravan, i.e. running of caravan 12 volt fridge or charging leisure battery then a split charge relay should also be installed into the towing vehicle to protect the vehicle battery from running down while using 12v appliances.

13pin sockets are usually fitted with a manufacturer ISO wiring kit and module dedicated to the specific make and model of the vehicle in some instances programming of this module is required. At we can programme most with our state of the art diagnostic system.

7 pin socket

A 7 pin socket is available also this the standard socket found on most trailers including ifor William's and car trailers.

It can be fitted using a 12v bypass relay connecting into the existing wiring on a vehicle this then does not need programming in turn.

This is usually the cheapest option for towbar electrics.